Wednesday, 24 July 2013

DNA Queen?

Have you ever thought who made the breakthrough and find out about the DNA structure? Well here is a short article based from few articles on the net.


Who is she?
 She is Rosalind Franklin, DNA scientist
Franklin is best known for her work on the X-ray diffraction images of DNA which led to the discovery of the DNA double helix.

She was a British biophysicist and x-ray crystallographer Rosalind Franklin, whose research led to the discovery of the structure of DNA.

Franklin was born in Notting Hill, London on 25 July 1920

Franklin also made critical contributions to our understanding of the molecular structures of RNA, viruses, coal and graphite.

She died from ovarian cancer in April 1958, aged just 37.

Sunday, 21 July 2013


pun of the day


“The best way to communicate with a fish is to drop them a line.”

The play here is ‘drop them a line’

There’s two meaning of this phrase

1.   Contact them with a telephone call

2.   Catch the fish using fishing line.

Friday, 19 July 2013


Hello guys how are you? We hope you’re doing fine. Today we want to highlight about the special feature of our beloved Malaysia. 

Though our country is small but it is classified as a megadiverse country in the world!So what is a megadiverse country?It simply means that our country has the majority of the Earth's species! Be proud of this!

This is an extract from wikipedia

Megadiverse countries
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 17 countries identified as megadiverse by Conservation International
The megadiverse countries are a group of countries that harbor the majority of the Earth's species and are therefore considered extremely biodiverse. Conservation International identified 17 megadiverse countries in 1998.[1][2][3] All are located in, or partially in, the tropics.

In 2002, Mexico formed a separate organization focusing on Like-Minded Megadiverse Countries, consisting of countries rich in biological diversity and associated traditional knowledge.[4] This organization does not include all the megadiverse countries as identified by Conservation International.
Megadiverse countries

In alphabetical order, the 17 countries are: