Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Hi there!!! Sorry for not updating for soooo long! Admin actually has forgotten the password and stuff..luckily this problem had been resolved..

         So many things happened in these few years..and the most unexpected thing has happened since last year here right in our beloved SMK Kandis..we have received two native speakers from the United States for the ETA Fullbright programme for a three year duration..isn't it wonderful?..The first ETA,Mr Alex Waheed came last year and now has gone back to his hometown in Chicago.. and now we have a new ETA, Mr Charlie Junkins,who came all the way from California ...a lot of English speaking programme has been designed by them and hopefully students in our school will speak more confidently in English!

Mr Alex (2018 ETA)  playing Scrabble with the students.

Mr Charlie (2019 ETA) posing with 1 Super after finishing a YouTube series shot
~ check out the video at

Friday, 13 November 2015

Another Vocaloid

This is another Vocaloid with good singing skills too.. Check it out..

Tell your world

Enjoy another song from Hatsune Miku... Sing along for a happy feeling.. Especially the chorus part..

Say Hello to Tomorrow

Do you know a technology called vocaloid?

By sampling human voice, we can actually use a computer program called vocaloid to sing…

For the moment, Hatsune Miku is a very famous vocaloid.

Watch hologram Hatsune Miku actually performs on stage…

And mind you, she’s very famous too! you can't speak japanese? No worries, you can sing along to hatsune miku's english  song...

Majlis Penutup Patrol Denggi 08/11/15

Sekalung tahniah buat semua warga Kandis atas majlis 
penutup program patrol denggi yang gilang gemilang pada 08/11/15.
Majlis telah disempurnakan oleh
YBhg Datuk Mohd Radzuan bin Abdullah

Pengarah Eksekutif Harmoni Foundation.

Bidang Bahasa Support SMK Kandis Patrol Denggi

Dalam menyemarakkan sokongan kepada program Patrol Denggi SMK Kandis

Silalah layari halaman-halaman berikut:!denguepatrol/new-page

AJK Patrol Denggi Bidang Bahasa

Assalamualaikum semua…
Berikut adalah Ajk Media Sosial Patrol Denggi
Bidang Bahasa SMK Kandis

Penaung I  :  En Mat Saei bin Mohd Noor (Pengetua)
Penaung II :  Pn Hjh. Rahanah bt Ab Samad (PK Pentadbiran)
Penaung III         :  Tn Hj Che Alek bin Che Ismail (PK HEM)
Penaung IV         :  En. Udin b Dollah (PK KO)
Setiausaha          : Hjh Zaini Abdullah (GK Bahasa)
Ajk                      : Hjh Norlina Yunus
: Pn Pua Lee Chu
: Hjh Azizah
: Pn Haslina Che Din
: Pn Zilaini
: En Irawadi
: Hj Rahmat
: En Nizarudin
: En Zainudin
: Pn Wan Zabidah